AGM Sudan and Kakuma Refugee Missions

Before AGM visited Kakuma Refugee camp early last year and licensed 4 ministers, I visited the new Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC) in Nairobi and discussed the situation there. I looked for as many opportunities as possible to speak to the Sudanese brethren there, most of whom are our ministry students in Eldoret.

Some families have been in Kakuma since it was established over 12 years ago. It is overcrowded with up to 10 or 12 people sleeping in one room only, that may be for extended families.

WE met one group of '' Lost Boys”; orphaned and aged 17-22 from the Dinka, Nuer, Nubian and Lopit tribal group alone. We were given a list of over 40 such boys. In Nubian I also met with a group of ex- slave boys – who had managed to escape from the slave trader who regularly raid Sudanese villages.

Over 80% of the women in Kakuma are widows, with husbands killed in the war in Sudan.  There are few ministry training programs in Kakuma, only the Donbossco Training Centre under the Roman Catholics. So AGM seized the opportunity under AGAPE LIFE SCHOOL OF MINISTRY to start our ministry training programs. Our outreach has been very successful and we now have at least 20 refugees involved with AGM. This number is expected to increase to about 35 by the end of the year. The members of the church have been very welcoming!

With the Lord’s provision we expect to return there later this year of 2017. Unlike many places we have visited the transport network there is a disaster not even motor bikes for hire…Pastor Jairus has a unique and a gigantic vision and is praying for that time when we return, AGM will have it's own van in good condition for our gospel outreach to the refugees.  Nothing is impossible with God!  We speak God’s blessings and provisions for these important AGM businesses



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