Agape Global Missions

Dr. Lynn Darnell


Here we are almost in February.  Whew!  My life just flies.  Sometimes I need to slow it down and take a deep breath.  Not something I find possible through the Holiday season, however; this weekend was my weekend.

I spent some time on Friday just counting my blessings.  On Saturday I made a point of telling my husband some things I really respected about him.  He often hears the things I’d like to see change, ha.  It’s important that he also hears the really good things as well.  I’m not talking about saying I love you.  I often say that, but there is a need for elaborating on the fine qualities that he has, so I made the time Saturday.  I could tell he really appreciated it.  Makes me wish I had done it sooner and that brings me right back to how fast time flies.

Then on Sunday we had a wonderful service.  Had a few more people in the sanctuary than in recent weeks.  That always makes a pastor feel better.  My grandchildren have started coming to church again in the last few months.  I guess I should tell you that they are in their twenties now.  As any grandma, I swell with pride when my grandchildren are around but this Sunday I nearly burst.  What a blessing to stand up in front and see my grandchildren on the front row.  Woohoo! The scripture is true.  “Train up a child in the way that he should go; and when he is old he shall not depart from it.” Proverbs. 22:6

Yep,  it is good to stop and smell the roses,  take time to breathe, and count your blessings.