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With the Lord’s provision our missions team expects to return to the Sudan in April 2017. Unlike many places we have visited the transport network there is a disaster not even motor bikes for hire…Pastor Jairus has a unique and a gigantic vision and is praying for that time when we return, AGM will have it's own van in good condition for our gospel outreach to the refugees.  We even priced a used van in good condition at around $4,000. Nothing is impossible with God!  We speak God’s blessings and provisions for these important AGM businesses.  




Dear Friend,
Most of our time as a mission is spent in South and Central America. However, last summer, Michele and I went to Europe. This year, Spain and France weren't necessarily next up on our ministry “bucket list” but we decided we wanted to take an opportunity to take our daughter, Talia, on her first mission to Europe. We want to train her to use her talents and energies to serve others and make a difference. Traveling and impacting nations is a calling that we have in common.

Through RNM, we will be partnering with several churches for a two week mission trip to Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona, Spain and then on to Paris, France . We will be traveling at the end of August into September of 2017.  As a friend, we invite you to be part of our trip by supporting us through your thoughts and prayers. We are praying for a smooth trip, safety for our family, and good health during our travels. We pray that our efforts will continue to build upon what God has already started and have a
lasting impact on the people of Spain and France. And we’ll find comfort during our trip knowing that you are all Supporting us from home!

If you feel moved to support our cause financially, thank you! Flights to the other side of the world are costly and we want to be sure that all expenses are covered. We have host families in most locations but we still have to pay for transport and food.

Checks can be made out to Agape Global Missions or AGM, (a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Or you can make a donation on our website at using your credit or debit card. It’s very easy.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We will be very blessed if you choose to be part of this amazing opportunity!  And we know you will be, too. Thank you and God bless!




AGM Sudan and Kakuma Refugee Missions Transportation

Roddie and Talia

Kissi Kenya Posho Mill

Bishop Kennedy Kombo is the bishop that AGM works with in Kissi, Kenya.  The people in their community travel a distance of 8 miles in order to reach a Posho Mill. We are working to raise funds to assist in purchasing this mill for this community.  The cost is $2,600 USD.  There are approximately 800 families that benefit from this mill because they will be able to get their maize flour locally. The daily money that comes in from the mill will help meet the needs of the orphans and support the children in schooling. Please pray in consideration for this project.