Agape Global Missions



During 1 - 7 May our couple taught on Salvation & life pulpit to the 44 youth of Minhla Baptist Church who have visited to us for this Salvation Campaign. Their Church pastor and 7 leaders followed them to our campus. Minhla is more than 300 miles far from our home. At this church we have visited twice with the program of Spiritual convention in January and February. And there was a great awakening of Holy Spirit among them.

We have 6 hours of training daily. As some of them are drug addicted persons at the beginning of our training they did not listen Good News properly. On Wednesday the touching of the Holy Spirit arrived to each one of them and there was a very great awakening of Spirit crying and praying with broken hearts. The wonderful things happened to them when the Holy Spirit descended upon them are as follows:-

1.   They believed in Jesus and made decision of to be disciples of Christ.

2.   They have cut out of their drugs in the name of Jesus Christ.

3.   They made promises of following Christ with pure heart and living.

4.   The non-stop praying and singing have changed their lives totally.

5.   We divided them into four groups witnessing and telling each other about what the Lord has done for them.

6.   Not only their inner man was healed but their physical bodies were healed by the power of Holy  Spirit.

7.   After being touched by the Holy Spirit they do not have a feeling of running out from our campus.

8.   Tears of joy are flowing on their faces when they pray and sing.

On 9 May they started of their turning back way and by the leading of Holy Spirit they have arrived to their village of Minhla safely on 10 May 2017. When they get home they were warmly welcome by the whole congregation of their church and there was much more tears of joy flowing again on their faces. After getting home there is more power of the Holy Spirit abiding on them and great revival came to all their church members and spending their times for prayer meeting of evening and dawning prayers. Please do remember them that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide them according to the Will of the Lord.

The Spiritual awakening happened to us during these days is a wonderful awakening which I had never experienced during 50 years of my life. This is my first experience of such awakening in my life.

Pastor Khum