Agape Global Missions

January 11, 2020

Dear Partners,

Greetings and blessings to you and yours as we begin our first month and new decade of 2020.  It seems that many prophetic words have been spoken that 2020 is a year of clearer vision.  It’s a year of seeing the directions and paths that God has for us to take.  It’s also a year of regaining momentum for the kingdom of God to expand this year.  

For AGM, we know that many things have been promised and that God will fulfill all those promises.  We have not lost the vision or the heart for the people of the world.  We know that whatever God has planned for this year will be amazing and we are expectant for all that it entails.  We know that there are plenty of things that we want to complete this year and we know that it will take provision from the Lord for us to be able to do all that we have in our hearts to do.  But God, will not forsake us and He will provide.  We want to finish the sewing machine project in Kenya this year as this will give the widows each their own machine and will provide income for their families.  We also want to see the new church built in Kenya as well this year.  Another vision we have is to start some humanitarian works to help some of the pastors we work with to become self-sustaining.  This takes a lot of planning, work, prayer, and provision. 

We appreciate you continuing your partnership with us this year and we expect to be able to say “it is finished” with some of the projects we have been working on very soon.  We love and bless you and hope that this new year will bring forth fulfillment of all that you have been believing the Lord for. 

In Christ,

Sandra Darnell