January 3, 2018 

Dear Family, Friends, and Partners,

Greetings from us at AGM to you and yours, trusting that this new year of 2018 will be the greatest so far. 

I want to talk about 2018 but first let me close out 2017 for you.  We have been able to start 21 new churches with 127,990 souls coming to the Lord.  That brings us to 1518 churches and 2,784,140 souls saved through AGM in 25.5 years of ministry.  This would not have been possible without a lot of people over the years giving of their time, money, and prayers for this outreach.  No vision can be completed without faith. A lot folks just like you believed, and God did an amazing thing and continues to do so.

2017 brought heartache and tragedy as we lost friends to death and calamity, but it also brought in new friends and co-workers overseas to help fill the void left by those who went on to be with the Lord.

We were so thankful for our son Roddie who went to 18 countries in 2017 with a ground work being laid for future trips and opportunities to raise up ministry in these new countries. 

Everywhere I turn at the store, the bank, the gas station, etc. people are so encouraged about this new year of 2018.  I have never seen this much excitement over the start of a new year.  This is coming from complete strangers, some Christians and some not, but the theme seems to be the same as people say I really this is going to be a wonderful year.

Every year has its ups and downs, but I think and believe 2018 is our best year. There are opportunities to reach out to people like never before.  I intend on doing all that I can to reach as many as I can this year.  I hope you will continue this journey with me through AGM.  Your partnership over time has been such a blessing to Joyce and me and we thank you with all our hearts.

I want to leave you with this scripture, Hebrews 11:6 – “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.”

Let us determine to give God our best this year of 2018 and then watch as He brings the rewards of souls and blessings to us and others.  We will keep you updated with other details and projects as the year progresses. Be Blessed and may God reward you greatly for all your help, prayers, and generosity.
In His Service,
Dr. Larry K. Nelson
President AGM Inc.


Agape Global Missions