Agape Global Missions


September 2018

Dear Friends, and Partners,

It is with much gratitude that I am writing to you today. We have made it our mission to “Go” in order to inspire, influence and impact. The Great

Commission mandate hasn’t changed, and we are seeing the glory of God manifest in every place that He has opened the door for us to go. Often

times the Lord reminds me that no matter how big our goals and dreams are that His dreams for us are even bigger (Ephesians 3:20). Every new

nation and every new connection is an opportunity for us to advance the Kingdom. Our plans, intentions, and strategies must be forever linked to

God’s prudence (Proverbs 19:21). As He leads we follow. Thanks for being A part of helping us touch nations and generations.

The Lord gave Michele a word at the beginning of 2018 that this would be a year of great transition. We had no idea what that meant for us

personally, but also what would be the significance of this word in terms of global missions? As we began this year, it seemed that everywhere I

turned, this prophetic message of transition was constantly brought to my attention. In Colombia, Honduras, and Guatemala this theme of transition

and expansion continued to be an anthem and an echo.

In the Dominican Republic, atmospheres were changing. As we moved into Paraguay and

Bolivia the desire and need for transformation seemed to be stronger than the cry for revival. Denominational leaders, that have shut down moves of

the Spirit, were coming to me talking about how much they need to shift out of religion and regulations. Even those who challenged us in the

beginning began to come to me and ask for our help to take them to another level.

Personally, our entire family seems to be going through some transition. Michele and I have both started new companies to create streams of

revenue to expand our global reach. Dr. Larry and Mama Jo have been playfully traveling across the US for more than a month seeking the Lord

for direction and clarity. Sandi has taken a new leadership position within a company. With all of these changes, one thing remains the same. AGM is

still part of a global movement. 

After some time of rest and recuperation, I am back on the road.  September has me going to minister in Oklahoma and here in Texas. In

October I will be traveling to Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. After that, I have a leadership summit in Los Angeles. Then I will be returning to

El Salvador, Guatemala, and Colombia.  We have so many opportunities and the Lord continues to expand our areas of influence.

We are so honored that you have chosen to be part of the AGM family and we will continue to do our best to steward the ministry

that God has given to us. Your continued and faithful support is crucial to our success. We need the power of your partnership to advance to the

ends of the earth. Together, we can change the world.

Living with Passion,

Dr. Roddie K. Nelson